Rating System & Review Policies

I can be reached at HittingOnGirlsinBookstores at gmail.com.

Rating System:

I rate everything in Fucks. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A BAD BOOK. There are just different kinds of readers. Do not get angry at me if I dislike a book you enjoyed; it doesn't mean I'm hatin' on the book, it just means it wasn't for me to some degree or another.

  • One Fuck Given - I either missed the point or it just wasn't for me.
  • Two Fucks Given - There's something here. It's not for everyone, but it's fun.
  • Three Fucks Given - Probably worth a checkout if you're a fan of the genre.
  • Four Fucks Given - Knock it up on your TBR pile so we can talk about it.
  • Five Fucks Given - Why haven't you read this yet? Why didn't I read it sooner?

Review Policy & Other Stuff:

  • I do not accept ARCs. (unless it's the next Lauren Oliver: I don't give a f*ck).
  • I do not read self-published books. (unless you're Lauren Oliver self-publishing a book).
  • I do not allow guest posts (this is my blog, back the f*ck up, unless you're Lauren Oliver).
  • I do not do blog tours (no point in asking, unless you're Lauren Oliver).
  • I do not endorse products/websites (I don't care how many free bookmarks you offer me, unless you're Lauren Oliver).
  • I do not hold giveaways (so don't ask if you can send me stuff that I can giveaway, unless you're Lauren Oliver).
  • I don't do drugs (stop offering me drugs, unless you're... Lauren Oliver is too cool for drugs).

With that being said...

All books reviewed are from my personal collection unless otherwise stated. My goal is to provide fair reviews in a humorous manner. Reviews can be both negative and positive. If I don't like a book I will poke fun of it. If I do like a book I will poke fun of it. With that being said: I am always looking for recommendations. If there's a book you think I would like you can let me know by contacting me.


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  2. Hmmm... Im gonna go out on a limb here and GUESS you might like Lauren Oliver... a little.

  3. With the aid of a good wig, I could, perhaps, vaguely resemble Lauren Oliver... But no touching. I'm not that kind of a girl. So what do you say? Will you read my self-published novel now? Ugh. The crap us indie authors have to go through to get quality exposure.

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