About Me

Hitting On Girls in Bookstores is a book blog containing commentary on the lit world and the occasional book review. I am a failed English major (which is the same as a graduated English major but explains my writing style) who has spent most of his life reading indoors instead of going to the magical land called "outside".

My first blog was called Literary Gas (circa 2007). It eventually became Hitting On Girls in Bookstores in 2009. The blog ran for several months before I started working entirely too much and abandoned it. After leaving my position at the company I worked for I decided to revive the blog. Instead of reading a book a week as I had been; I now finish a novel every two to three days (which is a joy beyond all joys).
This is me.

My name is Adam. I live in Louisville, Ky. I have a cat. A lot of books. A possible drinking problem. And a lot of tattoos.

Please don't take this blog too seriously. I don't.

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