Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cat Girl's Day Off - a review

Cat Girl's Day Off
Kimberly Pauley
336 pages

See, the cover on this one works because it's about a Chinese-American girl with purple hair who can talk to cats. The giant talking bubbles are coming out of her mouth and the cat's mouth to let you know it's Cat Girl's Day Off. Which is loosely based on Ferris Bueller's Day Off. That's just being fucking clever right there.

The cat is pink because he's a clue in an ever expanding murder mystery that Natalie Ng--our Cat Girl--is trying to solve. Just like Ferris Bueller. Wait. Ferris Bueller wasn't about a murder mystery. Nevermind.

THIS BOOK IS ABOUT TALKING CATS. There. I got that out of the way. I didn't want anyone to be surprised by this information. I was asked several times last week what I was reading. I explained Cat Girl's Day Off. I then talked very loudly while I explained what it's about: "IT'S ABOUT A GIRL WITH SPECIAL ABILITIES WHO CAN TALK TO CATS. I NEED MORE TALKING CAT BOOKS IN MY LIFE LIKE HOW A DRUNK PERSON NEEDS GREASY FOOD."*

That's the problem I had with Cat Girl's Day Off. I enjoyed the talking cats more than I enjoyed the actual book. The minute the plot slowed or the characters became cliche here came a cat doing something really fucking adorable. Like sleeping on a lap, clawing at feet, or solving a murder mystery.

It's just all so adorable. Kimberly Pauley? She writes adorable books. If you just finished The Fault in Our Stars and are done crying your eyes out then Cat Girl might be for you. It's very much one of those books someone reads when they can't figure out what it is they want to read. It's one of those books you need after a big heavy read. It's so light and airy it almost floats away like a 3 Musketeers bar in one of those commercials.

I'm certain that Kimberly Pauley has found a loophole in the writing universe. "Huh. This book is terrible. If I add some talking cats to it... bingo! It won't be so terrible!" Could you imagine talking cats in every bad movie you ever watched? You know the movie would suck less with them and you'd watch it again and love it. They're redoing John Carter with cats right now.

I have to warn everyone, though.  When you start reading this one: it's about talking cats. Really. Don't go into this thing expecting things to be logical. We're talking about a book that contains talking cats. It's adorable... talking cats... TALKING CATS. I liked a book about talking cats... fuck.

Full Disclosure: I read this on my Kindle.
*The word greasy is inherently a nasty word to me. I hate using it. But it sounds better than "oily". 
Note: This is my favorite cat joke: "What do cat actors say on stage? Tabby or not tabby!"


  1. I recently read Sucks to Be Me. It could have used some cat awesomeness!
    I am going to have to get this book. Like, meow!*

    *My cat approves of this message.

    1. I am wanting to read that one. I'm not so sure about it. There's probably no talking cats in it.

      *My cat also approves this message.

  2. I think you nailed it on this one. But you didn't address their awesome names which is kind of tragic.

    1. The human characters or the cat characters?

    2. The cats. You mentioned Natalie Ng. So, yeah, the cats.

  3. I don't think it would be that hard for you to find enough material change your blog to only featuring books or movies that have cats in them. Maybe you should be holding a book as well as a cat in your header above. Or instead of a heart, you could put a cat in the thought bubble (or a cat inside the heart). It's just an idea, but I think you should consider it.

    Okay, seriously. This book sounds light and fun. And I've been known to sob uncontrollably at the end of a book now and again (I also read The Fault in our Stars), and I agree that it's best to have something like this on reserve for those moments.

    1. I could probably do that. I could do an entire blog on Sabrina the Teenage Witch for years. Believe it or not I have considered that.

      It is a very fun book. I recommended it to a friend. Just be aware of your audience on this one, they have to like cats.

  4. This book sounds like the equivalent of watching disney movies after you watch a horror film. Which is the norm for me. I'm definitely going to keep this book in mind the next time something reduces me to tears.

    1. It almost is. I find myself wishing that I had read this after another heavy read. Or something that was just plain terrible. It's just a fun little book with a pink cat in it. You aren't going to read anything like it anywhere else.

  5. Cat Girl's Day Off is clever and fast paced. The characters, from Nat's super-talented, dysfunctional family, to the clever, neurotic, and heroic cats made it a Super Fun, summertime read!
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