Thursday, May 10, 2012

why the f*ck friday follow-up (1)

Last week's question was: "Why the f*ck is Twilight the comparison point for all vampires?" I appreciated all the comments that everyone left. They were all great comments and some of you made great points. Also, I laughed at quite a few. These are the snippets that caught my attention last week, hopefully everyone will enjoy them as much as I did.

Badass Bookie was the first to comment:
All vampires are compared to Edward Cullen because for better ( or worse) Stephanie Meyer started the Vampire Era in 2009. Before Edward and his crew hit bookstores all over the world - we had this vampire and that vampire. BUT - vampire fiction was NOT "popular"

Zabet thinks Edward Cullen's popularity is to blame:
Because he became such a pop phenomenon with Twilight fans and "Twilight Moms" *shudder*, we can't seem to have any discussion on vampires without SOMEONE bringing him up, either a fan espousing his attractiveness or a hater sputtering about sparkles.

BookwormAsheley is just creeped out by the Twilight moms (hey, everyone else is too):
What bothers me about Edward is the weirdo Twilight Moms. They are sooo creepy.

Lola is of the opinion that we should be thanking Mr. Cullen for making paranormal fiction more popular:
....Edward made vampires and paranormal fiction in general, crazy popular. So I think the other members of the undead should be thanking him for what he's done for them.

Lola also made this excellent point:
I don't think that Edward's appeal has anything to do with him being a vampire - except in the attributes that it gives him - dangerous, mysterious etc. So I agree that he's not a good comparison when discussing vampires. Plus, Stephenie Meyer completely made up her own mythology, which makes her world even more difficult to look at next to the more traditional vamp stories. If someone asked me to recommend a vampire book to them, I wouldn't pick Twilight. However, if someone wanted a romance, I'd recommend it. 

And that's it. You can still feel free to leave comments on last week's subject or leave a few here on the follow-up. I hope these little snippets help everyone ponder the great wonder that is the Twilight phenomenon.


  1. Glad to know weirdo Twilight moms creep everyone else out too. They're bizarro.

    I actually asked a question on my blog - what is your favorite vampire book or series - and am finding that not very many people are answering with Twilight. Of course, this is a reading population and not the general population.

    This is fun. Keep it up.

    1. They can be very odd.

      I don't think I even have a favorite vampire series. Unless Buffy counts?


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