Thursday, May 17, 2012

why the f*ck follow-up (2)

View the last why the f*ck here.

Last week I asked "why the f*ck should I have to care?" in relation to what most people were reading or not reading (there was also an incident with a coworker in there somewhere).

Thank you everyone for making last week another successful WTFF. I appreciated all of the comments everyone left. These were a few of my favorite snippets from last week.

Zabet from Reading Between Classes was first to comment (again):
Perhaps you could find a reaction that fits somewhere between Caring and Being a Dick.
Cat from Books4Hearts shared an interesting story with everyone:
I have found that there are a shocking amount of adults (maybe this is just my family) exempting my Aunt who is a librarian, who simply do not understand what YA is. A few holidays ago, I attempted to explain what I review on my book blog (also explained 'what the hell a book blog is') immediately asked if I read "Twilight" and then proceeded to ask if I was a little old for 'children's books' because obviously if it's called 'Young Adult' and it's not "Twilight" then it's a children's book. (Which, I suppose, if you want to be really technical, it is BUT not with such a negative connotation.) But that's a different issue entirely. :P So yeah everything I read is dismissible to a lot of people but I MUST PICK UP an Alex Cross book, apparently.
Jacque from Book Nerds Across America gave me a glimpse of what it would be like to talk to her at work:
I glass over all the time with co-workers about a lot of things...not just books.
 Amelia made shared one of her frustrations that I've experienced as well:
I also can't stand people who just assume because I read a certain genre I read all books in that genre. You do one reading challenge about men in uniform and now every romance about a man in uniform is brought to your attention.
Mel from A Shot in the Arm is a bookseller and boy is she angry:
I work in a bookstore.. I love YA and a few other genres. I do not enjoy Non's really hard for me to find something that interests me. But those all tend to be the MOST OBNOXIOUS customers. When I'm ringing you up, unless I comment on the book you are buying bc I've read it and want you to know there is another in the series or by the same author..I don't want to talk about your reading choices. Please don't go ON AND ON AND ON when I don't give a f*ck about what you are buying....really I'm not going to buy it or read it just walk away with your book and leave me alone so I can ring up another customer or go back to doing whatever I was doing before you started your rant.
Bianca from Pages of Forbidden Love plays devil's advocate:
I don't have many friends or family that like to read so I am usually the one talking to them about something they don't care about lol. But when it comes to other things I don't mind listening since they take the time to let me jabber on.
That's it for this week. Thank you all again for commenting and posting and Tweeting at me. I try to respond to every comment. If I forget... forgive me.


  1. My "Be Nice" fits mostly with Zabet. I said Be Nice but I was thinking what she said.

    1. Thank you so much for that confidence booster.

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