Thursday, May 3, 2012

If Horoscopes Were More Bookish...

Aries - At some point this week you will find yourself wanting to write a book. You'll open up a word processor, type out some words, sigh, and then give up.

Taurus - Your laziness will cause you to use your cell phone as a bookmark. Again.

Gemini - You've had a book in your TBR pile that's been on your mind recently. It's time to read it.

Cancer - Sometime this week your finicky ways will cause you to start a book, get 30 pages in, and then start reading something else.

Leo - Sometimes you fantasize about fighting alongside Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games only to realize that you'd be dead in the first five minutes.

Virgo - You want to start a reading project soon. Maybe read a few classics. If you do this be aware that you'll use Wikipedia a few times for plot summaries--there is no shame in this, Virgo.

Libra - Dear Libra, do you really have to "rescue" a used copy of a book you already have? Leave it on the shelf for someone else.

Scorpio - People notice that you use perfect grammar and punctuation while texting. Be proud.

Sagittarius - Anger washes over you when you hear someone exclaim "I'm reading an audiobook right now!" You can't read an audiobook... Let it go.

Capricorn - You'll find yourself thinking of that book you loaned out years ago that you never got back. Maybe it's time to take a trip yourself?

Aquarius - Out of boredom you'll find yourself writing tacky blog posts.

Pisces - No one will ever love the interrobang as much as you do.


  1. I've never read horoscopes before so I had to look up which one is me. Awesome or nerdtastic?

    I'm scorpio. Perfect grammar and punctuation: Texting, almost always YES. Tweeting, not so much.

    HOW FUN!

    1. Really? You've never read a horoscope? Ever!?

      Tweeting is an exception.

  2. Asheley- I'm with you. I'm a scorpio that does use proper grammer/punctuation when texting. It is IMPOSSIBLE to do on twitter unless you want each message to consist of 5 tweets.

    1. I can never use proper ANYTHING on Twitter. Drives me up a wall.

  3. Wow, all these comments are from Scorpios! Me included. I do tend to use proper grammar and punctuation but I also lax into chatspeak A LOT. So I guess it's a give or take!

    1. Apparently everyone who reads this blog is a Scorpio. Weird.

  4. OMG, I'm a Leo and that is totally right. I came to terms a long time ago I'd probably die pretty easily in the Hunger Games. That's why I was never like "I'm from District whatever". You don't want to be a district because if you are you will probably die.

    1. I think we'd all die. I think I'd last more than the first day, though. Maybe three days. Awww. Screw it. I'd be shot with an arrow within the first three minutes.

  5. Let me guess, you're an aquarius?! Haha. I am...but I don't think my blog posts are tacky! ;0)

    1. Yep. I think some of my blog posts are tacky. But I still enjoy them.

  6. Is it bad that most of these apply to me except mine? I'm a Pisces and I've never watched Interrobang! Fun post anyways though, what a clever idea!

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