Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tune in Tuesday (8)

I originally posted this yesterday but it didn't get through on Blogger. I apologize for the delay.

Ginger over at GReads! is doing something special this month: playlists based on books. So I figured I'd take a shot and this and pick a couple of songs that I think fit Delirium by Lauren Oliver. I know I haven't posted a review of this book yet but you guys should know that I really dug it (I'm really behind on my slang these days, so 'dug it' means really cool).

I'm going to do three things with each song. I'm going to explain why I think it fits the book, which lyric most represents a particular moment or feeling in Delirium, and finally the song itself.

I will warn you. This is not a spoiler free playlist. IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THE BOOK TURN AROUND NOW.

Delirium - a playlist

The Opening
For opening to Delirium I could only fit Got No Love by The Kooks. Delirium is about a society where the emotion love has been 'cured'. It's been eradicated by an all-powerful American government bent on promoting  safety through fear. The slow and steady drum beat at the beginning is fairly reminiscent of a marching army towards battle. Other instruments then join in and the most important lyric is sung "Don't let them get you down". We get to know the characters and find that love is generally considered a sickness that must be purged, but some resist, and we soon find out that Lena's mom was one of them.

Lena Meets Alex
It was difficult to pick a song for when Alex meets Lena for the first time. I decided to go with Awake My Soul by Mumford & Sons. The song is melancholy and starts slow but soon picks up in tempo. It really captures what Lena is feeling about Alex. Once again, the steady drum beat is in the background, but this time it represents a heart beating faster and faster. The most important lyric: I struggle to find any truth in your lies. When we first meet Alex he is a liar but only for all the right reasons. We then see a spark in Lena that really does awake her soul.

Lena and Alex Sneak Around
Eventually Lena starts to wake up to the idea of Alex and other emotions that she's confronting for the first time. That's why I picked Check Yes Juliet by We The Kings. The lyrics and guitar rifts match the hectic feelings that Lena's experiencing and she really is running around town at this point. Lena is also a runner who thinks that Romeo & Juliet is a cautionary tale. Give this song a listen and try not to think of Lena running to the cove to see Alex. Lyric: "They'll tear us apart if you give them the chance."

Lena and Alex in Love
Lena is finally in love with Alex and doesn't give a flip. She's embraced the curse that is love. Embrace the Curse by I Hate Kate is the on for this. It's a fast paced punk pop song with neato lyrics: "It's me against the world today and that's fine. I stand. I embrace the curse." Lena's feelings for Alex continue to grow after this point but this song captures the tone that's in the book; a frenzied rush to the head and a need to get up and dance in the face of everyone else. (try not to shake your foot during this song, I dare you)

The End
The close of this novel is open ended and leaves a lot up in the air. We have Lena standing on the opposite side of a fence, Alex is injured on the other side. Lena runs off and the book ends. This song captures that perfectly with its dark tone and loud guitar strums. Once again there's a slow steady beat in the background to remind us that the government is haunting our two star-crossed lovers. "The end begins just as it starts". I'm really looking forward to Pandemonium.

If you guys have any songs to add or any opinions on the ones I picked please let me know. I'll be posting a non-review of Delirium this week. I'm calling it a non-review because I curse a lot in it.


  1. Great songs and oh my!!! They fit so well. Great job with this. Looking forward your Delirium review! :-)

    1. Thanks! It's not going to be a review... I can't make a review. I realized I was too angry about it all. So I'm calling it a non-review.

  2. Wow...I love all these songs...and now I'm trying to figure out which ones I don't already have so I can download them. They really fit this book perfectly!

    1. I had to go through my iPod last week and my Spotify to find the songs I wanted to use. I discovered I Hate Kate two years ago but haven't listened to them since, but they popped up on my Spotify and I knew I had to use it.

  3. I'm really digging (ha!) your Mumford & Sons choice for when Lena meets Alex. Their first scene is still one of my favorites (when he's standing above in the observation deck & smiles down at her). I finished Pandemonium not long ago & it's insane. Lauren Oliver took a whole new direction with this one. I was not expecting it, but I sorta love it. Hope you do, too!

    1. I'm starting Pandemonium tonight. I can't wait to get my teeth into it.

      I heard the Mumford & Sons song first and just thought "Gee. This goes so well with Delirium."

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