Monday, January 9, 2012

Sense & Sensibility: Un-Engage!

Chapters Read: 27 - 30
Sanity Level: On the edge.
Update: The great news is that I'm further ahead in this little project then I thought I would be. The bad news is that I am behind in blog posts.

So Elinor and Marianne are at a party being thrown by their cousin Sir "Van Without Windows Owner" John when they spot Will Bow Bow. Will Bow Bow is talking to another woman. Marianne approaches him and is all like "What up? How come you didn't come talk to me, give me a hug or a kiss? And who is this skank in a muslin dress?"

Well, Will Bow Bow kind of runs off after giving a hasty explanation. He then--and this pisses me off--sends Marianne the modern equivalent of a text message to break up with her; he writes her a short letter. He's engaged to another woman. Here Marianne thought she was his one and only.

So everyone, including Plump Mrs. Jennings, is talking about how much of a douche Will Bow Bow is and how he's just marrying this chick for money because Marianne doesn't have any and this other chick is loaded like Lindsay Lohan.*

What does all this mean for Mary? She cries more. Runs out of more rooms like Stephanie on Full House. And decides to leave London with Elinor; she was only there to see Will Bow Bow.

Oh and Colonel Brandon likes Mary. I didn't see that one coming but then again all the older dudes seem to be wanting the young ladies.

Can anyone else imagine Marianne's Facebook page at this point in time? She's a bit of a drama queen so you know she'd be the one to update her relationship status consistently without hiding it in her feed. I think it would read something like this:

Marianne Dashwood is... single.
... in a relationship.
... it's complicated.
... in an open relationship.
... is engaged to Will Bow Bow.
... is single.

Her relationship to Will Bow Bow was, of course, completely secret, but these days people don't really have secret engagements. These days people go out of their way to tell you they're engaged, not to hide it from you.

*This is a drug joke.


  1. This book is nothing but DRAMA!!!
    And the people are all crazy.

    That is my assessment and I believe it fairly accurate.

  2. I believe it is extremely accurate.

  3. Ahahaha! The status msgs! I 'd have to "hide" updates from the woman! In the movie, Snape is Colonel Brandon, and have this constant queasiness with him having a thing for Mary!:P Have you seen the movie?

  4. I haven't seen the movies yet. I'm holding off on them until I'm finished with all the novels.


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