Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sense & Sensibility: The Hot Topic Edition

Chapters Read: 14-21
Sanity Level: Semi-Normal
Update: Willoughby (Will Bow Bow) has left the room and Marianne has gone full emo. She might as well shop at Hot Topic for all the crying she does between chapters 14 and 18. No one will ever, ever understand the love she had with Will Bow Bow. At one point she misses him so much that she hallucinates him coming towards her on a horse. But it's not him! It's Edward (Elinor's awkward as hell "friend"). Talk about a plot twist worthy of M. Night Shyamalan.

All the while Mrs. Dashwood and Elinor are trying to figure out if the two are in love. If Marianne is running out of a room like Stephanie* on Full House; I'm guessing they are in love. And if Marianne is Stephanie then Mrs. Jennings (the prying neighbor) is Kimmy Gibbler. Colonel Brandon is still gone. So, he's like Danny Tanner's missing wife at this point (Danny can claim his wife died all he wants but we all know she faked her death and left him).

I hated Kimmy Gibbler too. There's also this lady Mrs. Palmer who shows up in chapter 19 or so with her cranky husband. Mr. Palmer is an asshole but no one asks him to leave.

There is a side note that I can slip in here: all the really annoying characters are ugly. Mrs. Palmer? Apparently she's quite plump. Mr. Palmer? Old and crunkled. Mrs. Jennings? Huge! Edward? Plain and boring. The eldest Steele sister? She looks like a public restroom.

But I'll tell everyone who I think is awesome: Mrs. Dashwood. Mrs. Dashwood is like Mrs. Garrett from The Facts of Life:
'But remember that the pain from parting from friends will be felt by everybody at times, whatever be their education or state.'
This is the problem with these chapters: nothing is going on. Sir Creepy White Van John keeps inviting people over (mostly young girls that are his cousins) and that's it. There's the Steele Sisters who are really into other peoples kids, and a conversation with Edward about landscapes**. 

I hope things start to pickup.

Notable Lines:
  • 'What have wealth or grandeur to do with happiness?
*I hated Stephanie. She always ran crying out of a room until Danny Tanner or John Stamos came and cheered her up.
**I lost my sanity here for a moment.

Edit: I originally confused Marianne with Elinor in a sentence. I have corrected it. Lets just blame that on very early morning blogging.


  1. Well, when you say it all like that you almost make me want to read the book (almost...) I'm impressed by your blog, I will be following you!

  2. Also, I am impressed by the book and Austen herself. I've read two novels by her previously, but years ago. So it's kind of a shock to be reading this one as I've not read anything about it before.

  3. I kind of like Mr. Palmer. He's an asshole but doesn't care that he's an asshole, nor does he seem bothered by social restraints like polite conversation. Go him, I say.

  4. I was warming up to Will Bow Bow before he left the room but I welcome it fully as I am entertained intensely when people from the 1800's go emo.

    I love M. Night so, so much even though I often don't understand him. So I completely GET him showing up in this post. Well played.

    You know, I kinda like all of the characters so far. Cause they're all crazy. But still I like them. More than I like them, I like the preparation for your thoughts.

  5. Jenn, I agree. I just can't be that guy right now. I want to be a 60-ish man so I can scowl at the teenagers in the mall. But I have to wait 30 or so years for that to a reality.

    I love Will Bow Bow. He's creating so much drama by not being there. He's a maverick as Sarah Palin would say.

    M. Night is a master story teller until the last 20 minutes of the movie.

  6. Oh dear god.. Adam! Full House references!!! hahahahaha I have definitely wet my pants multiple times in this one blog post. You make this book so much more interesting, my friend.

  7. Full House AND Facts of Life references. I think I'm in love.

    Making annoying characters ugly is something Austen does consistently. I really enjoy the exaggerated drama, too. I imagine Jane Austen as the nerdy (yet cool) girl in high school who blatantly makes fun of all the preppy girls.

  8. Poor Stephanie...(maybe that's why she has issues after
    full house). Died laughing at the Danny's wife faking death comment, seems plausible. It's been forever since I've read this book. Might have to get to it soonish.


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