Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sense & Sensibility: Everyone is a Cartoon Character

Chapters Read: 35- 50
Sanity Level: Gary Busey Light
Update: I said "Screw you Jane Austen. I'm finishing this book tonight."

When we last left off Elinor & Co were about to have dinner with Edward's mom. Edward's not there but it's awkward. Edward's mom (who in my mind looks like the old lady from Poltergeist) makes it abundantly clear that she does not like Elinor or Marianne (this is--seriously--the part where Marianne cries AGAIN). She does, however, love Ed's secret fiance Lucy Steele.

It turns out not to matter what Ed's mom thinks: everyone finds out about Lucy Steele and Her Secret Engagement* and Ed's mom disapproves so much that she disowns him.

It's now clear to Elinor that Colonel Brandon does indeed love Marianne. Oh Marianne, she's done nothing but cry the entire book. Between chapters 37 and 48 she is fairly sick and bed ridden (poor her). I lost sympathy for Marianne after chapter 20. She's like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh "Nobody cares. Nobody listens. Boo hoo."

Her sickness prompts a visit from Colonel Brandon. He decides to give Edward and his wife a rectory. That is not 19th century for ass kicking. That's 19th century for "Here. Take this old church I have and fix it up!"

Not. So. Quick. It turns out Edward has a brother named Robert. Robert has met Elinor and Marianne before. I just never thought anything of it because, ya know, Austen made him a nameless character talking about toothpicks and gardens, my two least favorite subjects**.

Elinor or Squidward? I can't tell.
It turns out Lucy has fallen out of love with Edward and he feels the same way. Elinor finds this out and cries tears of joy. Which is the only real emotion she's expressed the ENTIRE novel. Since I've made Marianne Eeyore; I'm making Elinor Squidward.

Well, Ed shows up and proposes and Elinor accepts. Colonel Brandon (in the last chapter) proposes to Marianne or something. Will Bow Bow is back on good terms with everyone. The Dashwood Sisters are happy and in love and everything is right in the world again.

I am so glad to be done with this one and onto the next (Pride & Prejudice). The entire book is full of speculation on relationships between characters, characters talking about other characters, what happened at the character's party last night, here say, rumors, tiny amounts of sexual tension, and not enough sex.

Tomorrow will bring Sense & Sensibility: A Critical Breakdown.

*This is the name of my band's first CD. 
**The third being guys who give other guys churches.
Side Note: Plump Mrs. Jennings, Margaret (the third sister), Mrs. Dashwood, Sir John "Creepy Van", Mrs. Palmer, Lucy's sister; are all ignored by me in this posting because they just don't matter. In high school you have the popular crowd. You have the popular girl everyone knows, the popular girl's best friend, the popular girl's boyfriend, the popular girl's best friend's boyfriend, and then the rest of the crew. These people? They're the rest of the crew and no one cares.


  1. Do you need any additional members for your band?

    I play a MEAN didgeridoo.

  2. I might need a guy to play the didgeridoo. It has a very waaawaaaawaaa sound that I think represents Marianne fairly well.

  3. Not enough sex? pfft. Count me out then.

  4. The Victorians are nothing like the Kardashians.

    1. I think that's one of the Victorians few advantages, honestly.

      One of the things I love about Jane Austen is that everything wraps up so nicely.

  5. In all honesty, this was not the best choice for my first Jane Austen. I was pretty much close to Gary Busey way earlier in the book than you. I just didn't realize it was called Gary Busey. But now I know and it makes SO MUCH SENSE.

    I enjoyed it much better when you were reading it. Are any of them better than S&S?

  6. I believe I have to read ALL of your other posts in order to understand this. Seriously, as I was reading this, my brain kept chanting: What in the world is this?. I think my chanting would have eventually led me to nirvana, but the laughter prevented me. It's funny. I'll give you that. I'm your typical Austen fan. I've read Austen since I was 15.Pride and Prejudice and Persuasion are my favorite books. I've watched the movies, etc. Even, so I really had to wonder which version of Sense and Sensibility you were talking about. I guess this is Austen from a "Panda killing man" perspective. LOL. Good job :)

    1. Haha. Yes, it was something that you have to follow along with. Sorry for the confusion.

      I am an Austen fan as of now. Last year I went to a Jane Austen Festival held where I live; it was very eye opening and made me want to read all of her books.

      Sense and Sensibility is probably my favorite Austen novel now. Even if I don't kill a panda.

    2. Interesting to see a guy interested in Austen. I personally have not met any. My favorite is Persuasion. I LOVE Pride and Prejudice, but once I read Persuasion I thought it was slightly better. I can't say why right now. I think it was just because of what I was feeling at the time I read it.


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