Monday, January 16, 2012

Pride & Prejudice: The Super Friends Edition

"Lady Catherine has never been
averse to the truly humble."
Chapters Read: 1- 21
Sanity Level: Gone like a freight train.
Update: This book has been discussed to death.

It's no wonder that while I'm sitting around my apartment and reading P&P that I keep thinking of other things. Like how Mr. Collins would be perfectly portrayed by Napoleon Dynamite. Or that maybe Batman was based partly on Mr. Darcy.

Let's observe: Mr. Darcy's parents are dead. Batman's parents are dead. Mr. Darcy and Batman both have large fortunes that allow them to move freely through society. Mr. Darcy clearly shows no emotion in the real world and carries with him an air of just not giving a damn; Bruce Wayne does the same (playing a millionaire playboy who doesn't give a flying frak is the perfect cover, after all).

Forget rewriting this book with zombies in it, or Mr. Darcy as a vampire, or a unicorn rider or whatever the heck people are doing with the story these days; it is so clear that we need a DC Universe Jane Austen mashup. Elizabeth Bennet would play the perfect Catwoman to Darcy's Batman. The relationship dynamic is the same. Bingley? Clearly the friendship that him and Darcy share is that of Batman and Robin.

But this is where my head goes because I've read this one before. I've seen this one before. I read it in high school, college, post college; it's one of those books that you just pick up and read every once and a while, but not really out of choice. It's because it's familiar and comfortable and you're so bored with everything else. The romance is there. The ridiculous nature of the entire cast of characters is there. It's comfort reading.

If I do have one observation so far it's that Elizabeth Bennet is Elinor Dashwood. That the central characters of two separate novels are essentially the same in body and spirit does not surprise me; what's surprising me is that I'm starting to think that this is how Austen saw herself. The level headed girl that isn't out for romance but finds it anyways. But then again I've also noticed that Mrs. Jennings and Mrs. Bennet are the same character. So maybe Austen thought her mom was a nosy bitch.

I don't know. I'm really out of ideas on this one.


  1. DC/JA mashup?! I'd read that! Now for someone to write it. If her Mom is anything like how they portrayed her in Becoming Jane, you've described her to a T. And I can see ND playing Mr. Collins!

  2. I suggest Neil Gaiman. He wrote Marvel 1602 and it was wonderful. He could do Elizabeth Bennet justice.

    I am holding off on watching Becoming Jane until I'm down with the challenge.

  3. Man, you've read this a whole lotta times. Me: None. I've also never seen any of the movies. I am uncool.

  4. It is very hip to read Austen these days apparently. After this one it's unknown territory for me. I have no idea what the rest of her books are about. Should be interesting.

  5. P&P is the Mac & Cheese of the literary world... :)

    Picturing NP as Mr Collins will entertain me for hours. Hehe. Thanks for that!


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