Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mansfield Park: The Charlie Sheen Chronicles Part II

Chapters Read: 13 - 24
Sanity Level: Peeta Post-Catching Fire
Update: There must be some kind of way out of here.

I really need to escape Mansfield Park. Quickly. I sat and read for forever yesterday and have nothing to talk about today. NOTHING HAS HAPPENED. Where's the adultery I've been promised? Why is everyone having long drawn out conversations and not actually doing anything? WHERE IS MY VICTORIAN REGENCY ERA SEX?!

Alright. I take that back. Sir Thomas has been out and about for a while so his kids of Mansfield decide to throw a play in his billiard room. He shows up. They get in trouble. The end.

It's a show about nothing!
100 pages and that's all that's happened? Yes.* I'm getting that the main character--Fanny Price--is a bit stuck up in her own ways; but what I'm not getting is why this is a book about nothing.

You know how when somebody says "Gee. Your car has a small oil leak" and you ignore them and say "Well, that doesn't really matter, I'll get it fixed next week." But you never do. You wait until it gushes out and becomes a serious problem because you figure it'd never turn into a major catastrophe? That's kind of like how I ignored everyone on Mansfield Park. Oh it can't be that bad. I lamented. Oh it's worse.

The absolute best part of this experience has been me reading Mansfield Park and watching a box of books (good books!) show up on my doorstep. I in no way want to claw my eyes out scream bloody murder over the fact that I will not be reading The Fault in Our Stars until February.

I have 13 days of this challenge left. If Emma isn't as delightful as everyone says it is I might give up.**

*There's a 20 page argument on what play they should perform.
**But I won't. I stick to commitments like how Predator hunts Schwarzenegger; with diligence and the desire to shoot things with lasers.
Side Note: When Sir Thomas comes back he is nicer to Fanny. He thinks she's grown into a delightful young woman who is very pretty. Which isn't creepy, because, ya know, Sir Thomas is her uncle and Fanny is in love with Edmund who is Tommy Boy's son and her cousin. Completely normal, those Regency Era folks.
Edited Post: Austen wrote during the Regency Era, not the Victorian Era. This is apparently a common misconception. Mad props to Elizabeth Fama for pointing this out.


  1. All your hard work is not going to waste - I am thoroughly enjoying these posts, and continue to revel in how clever I have been to actually never read any Austen beyond P&P... Now you can read Emma for me, and I'll send you good vibes while watching Predator!

  2. I'm glad my struggles are not in vain. I'm actually making good headway with The Park today, so maybe I'll have it finished. I need a day off of Austen.

  3. I also love these posts, so I don't care that you're suffering. But I'm struggling with whether I'll be a genuine prig if I point out that it's Regency-era sex that you're hunting in Jane Austen's oeuvre, and not Victorian.

  4. I'm sorry that you're suffering but your posts are fantastic. Emma is much better but I think a day off in between would suit you. Or at least your sanity.

  5. Thanks Elizabeth! I stand corrected and I learned something new today.

    Jenn, Yes, tomorrow will be my day off. I was going to take a walk in the park but...

  6. I agree, a day off with the Underneath book.

    I have laughed my butt off again, but you deserve a day off.


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