Thursday, December 8, 2011

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (And Other Concerns) - a review (kind of)

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (And Other Concerns) - Mindy Kaling - 240 pages

Warning: This book should not be read in public as it will cause you to look like a tweaked-out meth head as you burst with laughter. 

Side-splitting laughter. Awww I can sympathize with that laughter. I'm slightly offended laughter. More men should read this book laughter. And guys, we have to start reading books for women: they put all of their secrets in them.

Things I Learned From Reading Mindy's Book:
  1. Women love chest hair.
  2. Women like guys who wear nice shoes.
  3. Own a nice fitted pea coat and not a cheap one from Forever 21.
  4. Forever 21 is a store, not a saying.
Mindy's book has been compared to Tina Fey's Bossypants and any number of Chelsea Handler's books. I don't know who either of those people are* but Mindy Kaling will never again be known to me as That Indian Chick on The Office. Now she's The Divine Mindy Kaling. Queen Kaling. Empress Kaling. Super Kaling. Kaling is going to become a new way of saying fucking cool.

"She is so kaling." 

The best parts of Mindy's book aren't even Office related; the woman is insanely witty and observant. Her hobby is to research fad diets. She talks about how romantic comedies are the best genre of film and compares them to science fiction movies (my heart was throbbing at this point). And that Diet Coke is awesome. And that Steve Carrell is scary smart and scary funny. And that Rainn Wilson really is a douche.

There's a lot of substance in this book. Far more than I thought there would be for a celebrity autobiography. I love her for it. Even though I didn't know who she was until last week. She's so off-the-radar and doesn't give a fuck about being a celebrity that it makes me appreciate her semi-obscurity even more.

Five stars, Mindy. Five stars.

*I do. I just don't want to lose my street cred.**
**I just lost my street cred by using the phrase street cred.
Note: I read this on my Kindle. You try being a guy carrying around a mostly pink book in rural Kentucky. 
Extra Note: I call this a "kind of" review because I've already talked about it at length. I probably won't shut up about it until the end of 2012.


  1. Yes to the pea coat & nice shoes, but not so sure on the chest hair. Maybe a little? But no Sasquatch please.

  2. i'm sure this would be a great book to read, but i don't know if i could get past feeling like kelly kapoor was reading it to me. i wonder if she's narrating her own audiobook like tina fey did? because then it would be mindy and not kelly, and i might could handle that a little bit better.

    plus then it would be really really funny instead of just really funny.

  3. I do not own a pea coat anymore. It got lost in my last move. I would like to think that I have the perfect amount of chest hair.

    Asheley, it worked for me because I was (don't gasp) never a fan of The Office. I only watched a few episodes here and there and had a vague idea of who she was on the show.

    But let's all be honest here: I just wanted to read something that wasn't YA and this seemed like a good choice.

  4. anything that's compared to Bossypants is worthy of a read.

    but i'm glad to hear that Mindy keeps it real. i like her a lot.

  5. Apparently I need to read Bossypants. If she has a chapter dedicated to playing Sarah Palin I might consider it.

  6. i watched a few seasons of The Office but quit (don't gasp) when it became the Pam and Jim show.

    it's nowhere close to being as funny as Modern Family, but that has nothing to do with this book. i always digress.

    also, hooray for breaking out of YA and not being afraid of nonfiction.

  7. i'm sure this would be a great book to read

    1. It was really funny. Interesting name, by the way.

  8. This sounds so amazing! I'm adding it to my to-read pile! Thanks for sharing.

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