Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I made a nifty chart.

Note: I have found that even if the person is not a reader and not interested in books at all; they will still ask all of these questions. 


  1. I have this co-worker who always asks what I'm reading, then before I can answer she goes on a rant about some book she recently read & how amazing it was. I'm sorry, did I ask you?? That's annoying.

  2. I'm going to start a campaign called "I'm Reading - Go Away".

    My question is whether or not it's rude to point out they're being rude by interrupting you.

  3. you won't need to 'point out' their rudeness if you learn to do it WITH YOUR EYES. if you tell them they're rude, they may be rude right back at you. but if they can't quite tell if you're being rude because of the way you're looking at them, they may think twice about being chatty next time.

    if the goal is to prevent a chatty breaktime, be rude with your eyes.

    **if this were MY chart, it would include a percentage for people who ask me "So, have you read The Help yet?" -- because for some reason I get that question from EVERYBODY.**

  4. I'm actually surprised there is a sliver of responses saying they were sorry for being intrusive.

    Unless that was a satyrical pie sliver?

  5. Partly satire. Partly true. I've had people apologize to me after giving them the look that Asheley describes. A recent incident had a boyfriend coming over to tell his girlfriend (who was talking to me) that it's rude to interrupt people who are reading.


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