Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dash & Lily's Book of Dares - a review (kind of)

Dash & Lily's Book of Dares -  Rachel Cohn & David Levithan - 272 pages

It's a Christmas time read! And it must be a Christmas time read because this 272 page book took me a week and a half to finish. Between the holiday parties, the shopping I haven't finished, and work; I have been everywhere. But that's alright. I took Dash and Lily with me everywhere too just so I could finish it.

I'm going to boil this down to basic observations in an easy to read list since I'm pressed for time:

Basic Observations:

  • Dash and Lily--like all Christmas time people--spend a week running around New York City. The two dare one another into certain locations with a red notebook. It's a notebook Lily leaves in her favorite bookstore, which Dash finds, and they communicate through.
  • Dash is a word enthusiast and puts me to shame. Lily is a huge nerd and puts all nerd girls to shame. But both are still believable characters.
  • Dash and Lily never enter into a love triangle. Lily does not have two guys to choose between. It's a relief to read a young adult novel where there is no third guy, and no real third girl.
  • The dares are kind of lame: go to a rock concert, go to a department store, go to a Build-a-Bear. I was hoping the Fear Factor guy would pop out and tell one of them to eat cow brains.
  • I spent a lot of time trying to figure out if Dash's best friend Boomer had a mental handicap as all of his lines were followed by exclamation points. Was he always excited because of ADD? Or was he always excited because he's got the mental capacity of a four-year-old?
  • Dash is a smug asshole at some points. 
  • Rachel Cohn and David Levithan have got a good thing going on. Rachel writes the girl chapters, David writes the guy chapters, and the two never know where the plot is going (or so I hear). It works.
  • I really enjoyed this one. I wish I could've sat down and read it all the way through in one go.
  • I hope Hallmark never makes a movie out of this. It would suck as the word play, the notebook entries, and Dash's smug attitude would all be lost.
And that's it. I hope everyone has a happy holiday and that you get all the books (because what else could you want) for Christmas.

Note: Recommended by the amazing Lynsey Newton of


  1. I read this one last Christmas & really enjoyed it. Dash's asshole tendencies were a nice touch, I thought. I can't handle the Hallmark movie cheese.

  2. 1) i love a list! this is evidenced by my blog always looking the way it does. very nice.

    2) i love david levithan. yes i'm one of THOSE people.

    3) curious: did you read the printed copy or ebook? cause there's a little heart on the cover of this book.

    i like this review very much.

  3. Dash had the right amount of cockiness, I think.

    1. I love your lists too.

    2. I've not read any of his others. But I have read Nick & Norah and Naomi & Ely and liked both of them.

    3. I read the printed version. There is a heart on the cover.

  4. have you listened to the audiobook version? ahh - SO GOOD. dash didn't come off as a smug asshole (or snarly) to me, but it could have been the narrator :) glad you enjoyed this!!

  5. Glad you liked the book! I loved this one as well. Oh, and it is being made into a movie, coming out next year.

    I love your blog! New follower right here!

    - Jana @

  6. Thank you Jana! I am glad to see that they've turned it into a movie. I infinitely enjoyed Nick & Norah.

  7. Love the honesty in the review! I need to read this one. Nick and Norah first though! LOL. Glad? I thought you wished they wouldn't ever! I only got to watch Nick and Norah, didn't know it was a book until a couple of months ago! Is the movie as good as the book or disappointment?

  8. The book is good. The movie is better. But others might disagree with me.

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