Friday, July 22, 2011

This whole Borders thing is a conspiracy to drive me completely insane.

Seriously. This whole Borders thing has thrown my sanity in the backseat and taken it for a ride. The Kindle is to blame. Amazon is to blame. Americans reading less is to blame. Contrary to those statements (mostly found on Facebook); we're finding out that Borders just didn't do good business.

The real reason for my hair pulling--and maybe I'm just a little confused--is that a decade ago, or two decades ago; we were blaming Borders and Barnes & Noble for causing the indie bookstores to go out of business.

Do Americans really have that short of an attention span? Are we really mourning what we once considered to be the enemy of Good Literature and Small Business?

I, honestly, can't keep up with what the book community wants. It's fractured in so many new ways since I've come back to blogging:

  • Real Books vs. e-Readers
  • Nook vs. Kindle
  • e-Readers vs. Tablets
  • Independent Bookstore Fanatics vs. The We Just Want Bookstores Crowd

I guess our common ground is that we all dislike TV. Or is that in contention now as well?

I would just like to be clear. Absolutely clear. I love my Kindle. I love my print books. I love my audio books. I love my local library. I love my local bookseller. I love Emma Watson. I love Amazon. I love Abe Books. I love spoken word stories. I love reading.

I am a patron of literature and the written word no matter what form it is in and I will get my fix wherever I please. And I think that's enough.


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